How To Learn Guitar The Right Way -

Your Road Map To Learning Acoustic Guitar

Learn To Play Guitar

The Right Way With These Free Lessons

Why You Need To Learn Guitar The RIGHT Way

Making music on the guitar is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things to do... but how do you get started?

In my 40+ years as a professional musician, I've taught over 5000 students one-on-one, which has given me a depth of perspective and experience few others have. I've poured all that experience into a beginner guitar course, but before I even get into that, I wanted to give you something to get you up and strumming right away.

I've put together a fun series of guitar lesson videos that I will send you by email, where I'll help you get started on the guitar.

  • Learn to play guitar... the fun way!
  • Learn chords and strums, then turn them into songs
  • Get the skills that allow you to interpret and make music, as opposed to copying what others show you.

To get started, simply enter your email address below. 

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