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Inverted Thirds: 2nd and 4th Strings

Before you dive into inverted thirds, it will be necessary to know your scale intervals and also how chords are built on the notes of the scale. To make things easier – i.e. no sharps or flats – we’ll begin with inverted thirds in the key of C major.

Artist Spotlight: Stevie Ray Vaughan

Alright you blues players – grab your guitars, plug ’em in, and crank your amp up LOUD!

In this 40 minute spotlight on Stevie Ray Vaughan’s playing styles you’ll not only learn some licks, but you’ll learn some of what made his sound unique.

This lesson is in Eb, so you really ought to tune everything down a half step if you want to play along.

This lesson should definitely give you something to chew on… let us know in the comments below!

Advanced Scale Integration (overlapping scales)

Ok, so you know some scales, and now you want to really figure out how to cover the fretboard!

This lesson on scale integration assumes you’re already familiar with some of the scale patterns, and really takes a closer look at how they overlap, how they can be moved around, and how you can really dominate your fretboard!

The three scale patterns covered in this particular lesson are the pentatonic minor, the pentatonic minor 3 position climb, and the diatonic natural minor.