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6×12 Bar Chords To Cover Any Key

Bar chords are one of the most powerful concepts any guitar player can master. Once you’ve got these down, you can literally play in any key you want to, without need for crazy finger contortions.

Mini Bar Chords for Weaker Hands

Bar chords can be a real struggle for the majority of guitar players – it can take a long time for the average person to build up enough strength to hold down all the strings with just one finger. But in this lesson we will be looking at mini bar chord variations that are a great way to get you started.

Any Chords, Any Key (Using Bar Chords)

In this lesson, Colin talks about the chord scale, and how to use that with bar chords.

Learning the chords very well is a crucial foundation that all lead guitar players really need to master.

You’ll also learn how to use I IV V to find the 6 main chords for each key. The way this works is there are two sets of chords in each key, three major and three minor. Both the major and minor work off sets of I IV V; each major having its own relative minor.

Acoustic Guitar Myths

If you’ve ever had difficulty playing bar chords on your acoustic guitar, or even riffs for that matter, then this is a lesson you’ll want to pay attention to. Chances are there are one or two simple reasons why your guitar is hard to play, and those can often be easily solved, making your acoustic guitar FAR more easy (and enjoyable) to play.