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Using Chords On The Bass

In this lesson we’ll take a look at a cool chord progression and how we can apply that to both the guitar and the bass.

Bass players – please make sure you’ve checked out Jonathan’s lessons on stacking thirds as well as using compound intervals. (Not to mention everything up to that point too!)

The chord progression we’re using here is C#m, A, E, B.

Compound Intervals (1-8-3 Pattern)

Here’s a cool one for you bass players that want to really fill things out and make your playing sound a bit fatter and more melodic… In this lesson we’ll discuss compound intervals and how you can play them on the bass. These give a real chordal kind of sound, even though they’re not true chords. They can be played all together at once, like you would a chord, or, you can use them as the foundation for riffs and fills and all kinds of other fun and interesting things. Once you start approaching the bass on the basis of chord intervals, things really start opening up!

Playing Chords on Bass (Stacking Thirds)

This lesson builds on top of all the previous lessons that deal with intervals and the theory of the fretboard, so if you’re unsure of those things, it would be best to go back and review those first.

In this lesson, we’ll look at ways that you can play chords on the bass. Once you get the hang of this, it can add a lot of depth and color to your playing, and it’s fun to do as well. Specifically, we’re looking at ways to stack major and minor thirds on top of each other, in order to produce chords.