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Artist Spotlight: Pearl Jam (Thin Air) Great Chord Progression

We’re going to be learning how to play Pearl Jam’s Thin Air today. This is a really cool chord progression that might stump you at first, when you look at it from a theory perspective. It’s in E major (E, A and B)… and yet it has a C major in it!

We call this “flatting the sixth” because normally, the sixth in E major should be C#… however we’re playing C, so that means we’re flatting the sixth.

Despite “breaking” traditional theory, this is actually a really cool technique that you’ll hear from time to time. John Fogerty liked using this trick – you’ll hear it in Green River and Old Man Down the Road.

In Eric Clapton’s version of Cocaine flats the seventh, in a similar fashion to what we just talked about.

Both of these examples use major chords, yet because the distance between the chords is minor it produces a darker, more minor sound.

In the bridge, we’ve got a key change too. Lots going on in this song!

Artist Spotlight: Jimi Hendrix (Thirds Applied To A Progression)

In this lesson we’ll take a look at one of Jimi Hendrix’s songs, Wind Cries Mary. It’s a really interesting example of how you can use major and minor thirds in a chord progression. Why does a progression of major chords end up sounding minor? Watch the lesson, and find out!

Chord Progressions in D Major

In this lesson, we’re going to look at two famous chord progressions in D major. The first one is a I – V – VI – IV progression, which is one of the most common chord progressions of all time. We’re going to see how it is used in U2’s famous song With or Without You. The second one we’re going to look at is First Cut is the Deepest, the Sheryl Crow version in D major.

Chord Progressions in the Key of G

Here are a couple of famous chord progressions using chords from the key of G that you’ll find useful to start practicing with. They are Sweet Home Alabama and Heart of Gold.

Famous Chord Progressions

Here’s a lesson on some famous chord progressions – perhaps you recognize some, and perhaps you don’t, but regardless, all of these progressions have been used in multiple hit songs.