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Diatonic Minor Root 5 Scale (1 position, closed)

This is the second lesson covering different variations around playing in this position of the fretboard. Checkout part 1 on the pentatonic first.

We’re in C major / A minor.

Here’s the Root 5 Diatonic Minor Scale /¬†Aeolian tab:

And if you want to add in the extra three notes on the 6th string (and who doesn’t?), you’ll need this:

The Diatonic Minor Scale

The diatonic minor scale (diatonic meaning it contains 7 notes) can be played with many different fingerings on the bass. But you should start by remembering the pattern first and getting the right fingers assigned to the right frets.

Bass Symmetrics: Diatonic Minor

Just as we looked at bass symmetrics in major keys, here we will be applying the same theory to minor – again, knowing your I, IV, V theory will be important before tackling this lesson.