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Essential Techniques: Pinch Harmonics

Pinch harmonics are one of the trickiest guitar techniques to master, even for many advanced players. This will require very accurate timing for the fingers on both hands.


Essential Techniques: Vibrato

This guitar lesson is all about vibrato, and how you can use that technique in your guitar solos. Learning to play a good vibrato will really help make your guitar playing more expressive. BB King is an example of one player who has a great vibrato; in fact, BB King patterned his guitar solos after how a voice would actually sing the same part, and if you listen closely to a person singing, you’ll hear the vibrato is a key element.

Essential Techniques: Pull Offs

The pull off is a very important technique for guitar players, and even bass players for that matter, and as such we’ve included it in our growing series of Essential Guitar Techniques.

Essential Techniques: String Stretching

String stretching is definitely an essential technique for any guitar player who wants to solo. Stretches give you the ability to do some things the human voice can do, and they really allow you to add a lot of emotion into your playing too. Checkout this lesson, stretches are well worth learning!