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The Big Question: When Your Normal Scales Don’t Work (Theory)

Before watching this lesson, we recommend that you first watch this one, where Colin and Jonathan demonstrate what this problem (and solution) sounds like.

In this lesson we’ll take a closer look, from a theory perspective, at what is happening in these songs where your normal scale options don’t seem to work well.

The Big Question: When Your Normal Scales Don’t Work

It’s the big question that seems to stump so many people, it’s unexplained by classical musical theory, and it’s so common you’ve most likely bumped into it at one point or another already.

The question is this – why do my normal scales (major, relative minor) not always work for soloing?

The answer has to do with the arrangement of the chords and how that affects the sound of the key, but for more details you’ll have to watch the lesson.

Also be sure to checkout the theory lesson that accompanies this one – you can find it here.

What’s This I IV V Stuff? (Part 2: Applied to Guitar)

If you have yet to get to grips with your I IV V theory, then you will be certainly glad you have clicked on this lesson. Understanding what I IV V is all about will help you learn songs faster, help you play better phrases and riffs, and make it far easier to jam with other musicians.

Please make sure you go through Part 1 of this lesson first.

In Part 1 we discussed the theory; in this lesson we’ll apply that theory directly to the guitar.

Tones and Semitones

Understanding tones and semitones is absolutely crucial to playing guitar… or any instrument for that matter!

Do yourself a big favor, and watch this lesson over as many times as necessary to really understand this concept, because it is going to be foundational to everything else you learn on the guitar. If you’ve got questions, ask away in the comments section below!