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Artist Spotlight: John Fogerty

In this lesson we will be looking at the style of the legendary John Fogerty, best known for his time with Creedence Clearwater revival and for creating a whole host of classic rock n’ roll riffs.

Bass & Guitar: The Shuffle

So you want to learn how to shuffle on the bass? We’ve touched on this in other lessons, though this one gets specifically at the heart of the matter.

Playing a shuffle on the bass tends to go hand in hand with a walking bass line, one of the most fun things to play on the bass. In this lesson we also cover playing a shuffle on the guitar, because understanding how the guitar and the bass parts interact is quite important.

Major 7th Chords

You jazz players can sit up and take note of this lesson – it’s all about major 7th chords, which are heavily used in jazz!

Essential Techniques: String Stretching

String stretching is definitely an essential technique for any guitar player who wants to solo. Stretches give you the ability to do some things the human voice can do, and they really allow you to add a lot of emotion into your playing too. Checkout this lesson, stretches are well worth learning!

Bass & Guitar: Taking the 12 Bar Further

This is the second lesson in our series on jamming with the bass and guitar.

Please make sure you’ve first gone through lesson 1 in this series.

On the bass you’ll review the major scale, as well as learn some more tips on walking the bass with a 12 bar progression.

On the guitar, you’ll learn a couple new chords that sound great in 12 bar progressions, and also more from the jamming front.

Beginner’s Bass AND Guitar

This is the first lesson that Colin and Jonathan have paired up on, so let us know what you think about it!

This lesson is for both guitar players AND bass players. Having an understanding of the other instrument will really help you out as a player, and will give you a better understanding of how your own playing relates to the rest of the bad.

We’ll teach you a simple progression and give you some tools that you can use to jam with others over the progression.