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Introduction to Fingerpicking (2/3)

In this lesson we’ll learn some more finger picking patterns that you’ll find commonly used in many different songs.

If you missed the first lesson, you can catch up here.

If you’ve completed this one, you’ll find the next one here.

Introduction to Fingerpicking (1/3)

Have you ever wondered why Colin has those crazy finger nails? In this lesson you’ll find out all about his reasons for that, as well as different routes you can take when it comes to finger picking. We’ll also cover a few basic patterns to get you started.

When you’re done this lesson, you’ll find the next one here.

Picking Patterns Continued (Arpeggio Picking 2)

Following the first lesson on picking arpeggio patterns, here we’re going to develop the ‘hybrid’ picking style a bit further. You can try this technique out on acoustic or electric guitar, but if you are using an electric, it is best to stick to a clean sound, at least until you’ve got the patterns down.

Here’s one way of conveying the patterns discussed in the video. Anything in (brackets) should be played at the same time.

Pattern 1: R (321)
Pattern 2: R 3 (12)
Pattern 3: (R2) 3 R 1 2 3
Pattern 4: R (32) (R1) 2 3 2
Pattern 5: R (32) (R1) 234

Bonus points if you can figure out how many times I said “um” in this lesson!

Picking Patterns To Get You Started (Arpeggio Picking 1)

There are many different ways of playing the strings on the guitar – with fingers/ picks/ nails/ finger picks. Here we will be looking at patterns (arpeggio patterns from basic chords) that can be played with any combination, but we’ll start with a ‘hybrid-picking’ style, using a pick for the bass note and fingers for the higher notes of the chord.

The patterns covered in this lesson are:

6 5 4 3 2 1
R 3 2 1
R 1 2 3
R 3 2 1 2 3
R 4 3 2 3 4
R 3 2 3 1 3 2 3

R indicates the Root note of the chord you’re playing, and the numbers following indicate the string number to pick. Once you’re comfortable with the patterns in this lesson, you might want to checkout the Picking Patterns 2 lesson.

Essential Techniques: Hybrid Picking on Electric Guitar

There are many different ways of picking, and no way is right or wrong, per se. It all depends on what effect you’re trying to accomplish, and which way suits your style and aptitude best.

That said, this lesson will cover hybrid picking more specifically, which is probably one of the more versatile approaches as it still lets you use your pick for speed, and your fingers for extra strings.