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Learning The Fretboard with the Perfect Harmony Box

Here’s a lesson on how to use the perfect harmony box to understand your fretboard better. The “perfect” intervals are the octave, the fifth, and the fourth… and they are perfect because they are neutral in both major and minor. When you’ve finished this lesson, checkout the board lesson that accompanies/follows this one.

What’s this I IV V stuff? (Part 1: Bass and Guitar)

Coming to grips with I IV V theory is essential for any serious musician – it has formed the cornerstone of many great bass lines and guitar solos, and also makes learning songs and jamming with other musicians so much easier. The information provided in this lesson will prove to be indispensable no matter what level you aspire to.

After you’ve gone through this lesson, please proceed to the second part of this lesson, where we break away from the theoretical and apply this stuff directly to the fretboard of your guitar or your bass.

What’s This I IV V Stuff? (Part 2: Applied to Guitar)

If you have yet to get to grips with your I IV V theory, then you will be certainly glad you have clicked on this lesson. Understanding what I IV V is all about will help you learn songs faster, help you play better phrases and riffs, and make it far easier to jam with other musicians.

Please make sure you go through Part 1 of this lesson first.

In Part 1 we discussed the theory; in this lesson we’ll apply that theory directly to the guitar.

Relative Major & Minor Relating to I IV V

Understanding the relative majors and minors, and how that all ties in with I IV V is quite a powerful concept on the bass, as you can use that really for the basis (no pun intended) of most of your playing, if you want to.

I IV V: Relative Major and Minor

Understanding chord relationships is very important, and this lesson will show you how you can use I IV V and the relative major and minor chords in each key.

Prior to watching this lesson, it would be good to be familiar with Colin’s lesson on the Chord Scale and how I IV V is used there.

Any Chords, Any Key (Using Bar Chords)

In this lesson, Colin talks about the chord scale, and how to use that with bar chords.

Learning the chords very well is a crucial foundation that all lead guitar players really need to master.

You’ll also learn how to use I IV V to find the 6 main chords for each key. The way this works is there are two sets of chords in each key, three major and three minor. Both the major and minor work off sets of I IV V; each major having its own relative minor.