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Inverted Thirds: 2nd and 4th Strings

Before you dive into inverted thirds, it will be necessary to know your scale intervals and also how chords are built on the notes of the scale. To make things easier – i.e. no sharps or flats – we’ll begin with inverted thirds in the key of C major.

Using Inverted Thirds In Your Solos

Using inverted thirds in your soloing is a fairly advanced topic, so please make sure you’ve gone through the other lessons on intervals prior to this one.

Inverted thirds are used fairly commonly – once you know what they are, you’ll start recognizing them being used, because they sound so good!

Intervals: Major & Minor 3rds

This bass lesson on using major and minor thirds in your playing should be watched after you’ve gone through the rest of the series on intervals:

As a bass player, you’re playing usually single notes, but always as they are related to the chords that everyone else is playing. So understanding these intervals gives you the relationships that you have to work with.

Bass Intervals: The Perfect 5th

This is the second lesson on Bass Intervals, and if you haven’t yet checked out the one on the Perfect 8th, you might want to do that first.

The Perfect 5th is probably the most common interval in bass (apart from the octave), and it is used in many different types of music. Of course, country is famous for the 1-5 interval.

Bass Intervals: The Perfect 8th

This lesson is the first of a series on using intervals on the bass guitar. Because the bass doesn’t use multi-note chords in the same way that a guitar does, you often find yourself playing just one or two notes at a time, or, more commonly, bouncing between a pair of notes. These form intervals, and understanding them is crucial to taking your bass playing further.

This lesson is on the perfect 8th, or octave interval, and it is the best place to start.