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Combining the Diatonic and Pentatonic Scales

When you start combining pentatonic with diatonic scales you will be really able to open up your bass playing and your knowledge of the fretboard. It will be necessary to be very comfortable with your pentatonic and diatonic scale patterns before taking this lesson.

The Diatonic Minor Scale

The diatonic minor scale (diatonic meaning it contains 7 notes) can be played with many different fingerings on the bass. But you should start by remembering the pattern first and getting the right fingers assigned to the right frets.

Chromatic Passing Notes: Pentatonic Minor

This is the second bass lesson where Colin has gone into detail on using chromatic passing notes. The other lesson focused exclusively on the major scale (you can find it here), while this lesson focuses on the minor scale. The notes we’re dealing with here are between the III and the IV, the IV and the V, and the VII and the VIII.