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A Diatonic Major Scale (Open Position)

Here’s the A diatonic major scale, in the open position. All of the open scales are a little bit different, due to the constraint of using open notes. Therefore, it is worthwhile learning each one!

Diatonic Major (A) Open Scale R5

A Pentatonic Minor Scale (Open Position)

Every open scale has its own little quirks to it, so it is worthwhile learning and practicing the most common open scales in addition to the more standard closed scales. This one is A pentatonic minor. Pentatonic Minor (A) R5 1 Position - Open

E Pentatonic Minor Scale (Two Position, Open)

E pentatonic minor is one of the most important scales you can learn, because it is used so often. This lesson talks about how to use it in the two position. Before watching this lesson, please checkout the previous one on E Pentatonic Minor Open.

Here’s the tab for the E Pentatonic Minor scale, two position open:

E Pentatonic Minor Scale (Open Position)

This lesson covers the E minor pentatonic scale, in the open position. This is a great scale for beginners to start with; it will help you with pick control, string spacing, familiarity, crossing strings, timing and your ear. Your chord changes will improve, and your hand will get stronger. What’s not to like?

Once you’ve mastered this lesson, move on to the next one, on the same scale in the Two position is an extension of the one you just learned (One position), and can be overlapped and interchanged in any imaginable way.

Also, once you’ve got those scales down, you might like to learn a closed position as well, so that you can move it to any key you’d like. Checkout that lesson here.

You may not know this, but E pentatonic minor open is the SAME PATTERN as A pentatonic minor, it is just raised to the fifth fret. We do not have the advantage of the open notes like we do in E, but it is the same pattern.

Here’s the tab for the E Pentatonic Minor scale, open position: