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Integrating Pentatonic Scales

This is the first of a series of two lessons covering pentatonic and diatonic integration. You’ll discover how to use very few patterns, and yet still get where you want to be on your fretboard.

Download the tabs here.

When you’re finished this lesson, move on to the diatonic one next.

The Pentatonic Minor Scale (for the Bass)

This lesson is on the pentatonic minor scale, for the bass.

Make sure you’ve gone through the Tones and Semitones (Bass Guitar For The Total Beginner) lesson first, because that lays the foundation for what you’re going to learn in this lesson.

In this lesson, we’ll cover pentatonic minor scale in the 1 position, plus the open position, plus the Mixolydian scale, also known as the pentatonic climb. We’ll also look at how this applies to four and five string basses.

Once you’ve mastered the pentatonic scale pattern, the next step is to learn some riffs from that scale!