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Learn How To Play With Two Guitars (Pt 1 – Alternate Chord Voicings)

Ever had a jam partner, and wanted play something different, unique and cool sounding, but you were just stumped for ideas? Never fear, the Riff Ninjas are here! We’ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeve to help you create awesome sounding two-guitar jams, and in this lesson we’re going to start digging into a few of those. In Part 1 of this series we’re going to look at using some alternate chord voicings.

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Basic Strum Patterns

If you’re a beginner and having difficulty with your strumming patterns, then this lesson is a good place to work on that.

Once you’ve mastered the material in this lesson, move on to the Bass Note Plus Strum lesson.


Example #1: straight 1/8th notes

Example #2: first beat is a quarter note, last three beats are 1/8th notes

Example #3: beats 1 and 3 are quarter notes, 2 and 4 are 1/8th notes

Examples #4 and #5 are combinations of the first 3