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Introduction to Suspended Chords (sus4)

In this lesson we’re going to start taking a look at suspended chords; specifically, the suspended fourths. A suspended fourth is a chord in which we’ve removed the third that is normally found in the chord, and replaced it with a fourth. So your basic chord structure would look like this: I, IV, V. An example would be Gsus4, which would look like this: G (I), C (IV), D (V). Remember, those are the notes in the G chord, not separate chords.

Introduction to Suspended Chords (sus9)

There are two different types of suspended chords: sus9 and sus4. If you’re wondering where the “9” comes from, don’t let it throw you off, it is simply the “2” from the scale, but up one octave. For this reason sometimes you’ll see these as sus2 and sometimes you’ll see them as sus9.

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