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Tones and Semi Tones

If you aspire to be a bass player at any level, knowing your tones and semitones – i.e. the spaces between the notes – is an absolute must. But don’t think you have to learn them everywhere along the fretboard – once you have worked them out on one string or in one position, you can then apply the same formula anywhere up or down the neck.

A Better Understanding of the Fingerboard

Here’s a really important lesson for new bass players, on understanding the fingerboard of your instrument. We’ll cover tones and semitones from a bit of a different perspective than the Level 1 lesson, as well as some basic interval patterns, and how to quickly find your notes on the fingerboard. We’ll also look at accidentals, ie flats and sharps.

Tones and Semitones

Understanding tones and semitones is absolutely crucial to playing guitar… or any instrument for that matter!

Do yourself a big favor, and watch this lesson over as many times as necessary to really understand this concept, because it is going to be foundational to everything else you learn on the guitar. If you’ve got questions, ask away in the comments section below!