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Pedal Effects: Wah-Wah Rhythm – Stir It Up

Wah-wah pedals can be used for all kinds of things. In essence, a wah-wah pedal is just a glorified tone knob, like what you have on your guitar. However, they usually have a greater tonal range than the knob on your guitar (some are adjustable), and of course, they offer the incredible convenience of being foot-controlled!

As such, wah pedals open the door to all kinds of new tricks. Today we’re going to look at applying a wah pedal to rhythm, specifically. We’re going to use a simple jam track, based on Stir It Up, by Bob Marley.

Introduction To Reggae

Reggae is a ton of fun to play, once you can settle into the groove. This lesson features a chord progression pulled from “I Shot The Sheriff” by Bob Marley – just the chorus part, which goes Eb, Dm, Gm. Eric Clapton has done a few versions of this song too, if you want to see how it can be applied differently.

The main thing to take away today is getting a feel for the rhythm – whether you’re on the bass or the guitar.