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SRV's Mary Had A Little Lamb

In this short course you'll learn the 24 bar intro and outro for Stevie Ray Vaughan's popular Mary Had a Little Lamb tune. It's a super fun blues tune in Eb, and it's a great way to learn some blues licks and practice integrating them together with your rhythm playing. 

  • All the key parts you need to make the songs sound authentic
  • Give your guitar playing a step up, integrating riffs and rhythms together! 
  • Learn a tune that is truly FUN to play! 

10 Amazing Classics Perfect For Strummers

Learn these 10 huge hits and you’ll be prepared the next time someone asks you to play something! These are big, popular songs that everyone knows and loves – perfect for pub jams or campfire sing-alongs.

  • All the key parts you need to make the songs sound authentic
  • Great strum patterns and riffs you can use elsewhere – not just in these songs!
  • A great way to “get the spark back” in your guitar playing.

Learn Electric Guitar While Playing Great Songs!

Designed for true beginners as well as those in need of a refresher, this course is 100% focused on making music. The tunes you’re learning will pull you through, time’s gonna fly, and you’ll be making progress like never before!

  • All the foundational stuff you need for a strong start on guitar
  • Transform your playing into that bluesy sound with these great rhythms & riffs!
  • It’s never too late to learn to play the guitar!

Learn To Slip Sweet Riffs In Your Rhythms!

If you want to add that special sauce to your rhythm playing, and start adding riffs and solos into the mix, then check this out!

  • Perfect for intermediate players who want to learn to solo.
  • 40+ Essential rock & roll riffs
  • 10+ Foundational rock & roll rhythms
  • 3 Great classic rock & roll songs

Here Come The Blues Songs!

Learn three awesome blues songs, specifically chosen to cover different blues techniques and styles. 

  • Turbocharge your confidence & creativity playing blues rhythms
  • Transform your playing into that bluesy sound with these great rhythms & riffs!
  • Learn three great blues songs that you can play on your own, without backup, and sound great!

Your Journey Into Blues Guitar Starts Here!

If you want to start playing blues guitar, this is the foundation you'll need to do it right!

  • Perfect for low-intermediate players who want to start learning the blues.
  • 400+ chords (and a quick way to learn them!)
  • Foundational theory that will help you play better
  • Chord modifications, trick chords, bar chords

The Blues Guitar Fretboard Road Map

Scales are the foundation to any good solo; this course will give you a solid understanding of your fretboard!

  • Perfect for intermediate players who want to move towards riffs and soloing.
  • Comprehensive, yet simple approach to the fretboard that is easy to work with.
  • Know your best scale options in any key, in an instant
  • The best scale patterns for soloing, plus all the best blues modifications!

Your Rhythm Guitar Revolution

A great chord progression and attention-grabbing rhythm is the foundation of any song, and this course digs deep into all aspects of playing blues rhythm.

  • Learn the foundational principles of using rhythm and beat fractioning, so that your strumming will always be bang on with the beat.
  • Bridge the gap between strumming and soloing by unleashing sweet fills straight into your rhythm
  • Transform your rhythm playing from simple strumming into a captivating mixture of strums, riffs, and different rhythm techniques.

Everything You Need For Blues Soloing!

Learn six great blues solos, 59 classic blues riffs, but far more importantly, how it all works! Learn the fundamentals of soloing, from rhythm, expression techniques, modifying riffs to match a progression, and improvising.

  • Gradual and steady skill progression for fast progress
  • 59 bread 'n butter blues riffs even the greats know & love!
  • Six complete solos, along with unique blues jam tracks

Learn To Play Guitar From The Ground Up!

If you want to learn guitar - acoustic or electric - then this is the place to start!

  • Perfect for beginners or frustrated players who have hit a roadblock.
  • Chords, strumming, rhythm, theory, and all the basics you need.
  • No stone left unturned in this truly ‘definitive’ guide

Develop rock-solid, creative rhythm!

Learn how rhythm works, how to read, count, and identify rhythms, and how to apply it all to your guitar!

  • More than 20 unique strum patterns
  • Apply the strums with famous song examples
  • Learn how to apply bass notes to your strumming

30 Quick-To-Learn, Awesome-Sounding Blues Licks!

Take your guitar playing beyond chords, and start learning to play lead!

  • Learn how to relate riffs to scales
  • Blues riffs inspired by the great blues artists
  • With complete tab and course book

"Street Smart" Soloing Tricks

Learn how to improvise your own original guitar solos using the pentatonic scale.

  • How to get started creating your own solos, even if you’ve never played a riff before in your life!
  • Ninja tricks to steal any riff and make it your own.
  • Essential techniques that add flavor and spice to your solos.

Explore The Wild World of Open D Slide!

Learn the basics of slide guitar - a perfect course for getting started on the slide!

  • The best way to study if you want to learn the art and craft of playing slide guitar as well as humanly possible.
  • Super cool blues slide riffs that will make your friends green with envy (and have them begging you to teach them).
  • Infectiously funky shuffle patterns that will have you jamming and riffing with a huge grin on your face.

Rich & Unique Chords Add Depth To Your Playing

These chords are the perfect way to add a new twist to either your rhythm playing or your lead work. 

  • Perfect for intermediate players who want to add some unique chords into their repertoire
  • 40+ Unusual chord voicings that can be used in many of the common keys
  • Easy-to-finger chord shapes that sound richness

Discover the Unique Sounds of Drone Riffs

Looking for a fresh approach to your solos? This Bag of Tricks will unlock the door to a fresh style of riffs and solos, giving you greater expression on the guitar.

  • Learn to see the fretboard from a different angle than you’re used to
  • Cross over riffs, switch back riffs, and much more!
  • Comes with seven sweet jam loops

When You're Ready To "Go To School" On Guitar!

The Guitar School is our real treasure trove of guitar and bass lessons... come check it out!

  • Over 80 HOURS of guitar and bass lessons… and growing further every month
  • Foundational lessons covering chords, scales, theory, rhythm and more
  • Essential technique lessons that will push your playing up a notch
  • Artist Spotlights will help you learn the tricks certain artists are famous for
  • Unique two-instructor lessons featuring Colin Daniel and Jonathan Boettcher
  • Ability to submit questions and get answers!

Audio CD: Electric Salad

Your Daily Serving of Guitar Greens!

Colin Daniel's 11 track CD with his band Ramble Tamble, featuring all original material. 

Enjoy this feast of guitar music!

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