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How To Improve Your Ear Using Chromatic Scales

In this lesson we’ll cover a good way to improve your ear’s ability to “hear” what’s in tune and what’s not. It’s a simple technique, but it pays off not only for your ear, but for your fingers, timing and picking speed as well. That makes this a great exercise and one that should be part of your practice routine.

Artist Spotlight: Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy was one of the greats who in turn influenced many of our modern musicians. See if you can learn a thing or two from Buddy’s style that you can incorporate into your own!

Artist Spotlight: BB King

One of the grand masters of blues guitar, BB King has been responsible for developing a wealth of solo blues techniques that have influenced some of the greatest players. In this lesson, we will take a look at a selection of his signature licks, which will be a must for any aspiring blues guitarist.

Download Tab PDF: Artist Spotlight BB King