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Vertical Riffs Tricks 1

Think of the riffs in this lesson as a mere skeletal outline – you can really modify them in a hundred ways to make them your own and to fit whatever song you’re playing – the most important thing to take from this lesson is the notes in the two scales we’re working with: diatonic and pentatonic, and how to apply them. Once you’ve got those notes in your head, you can mix’n match to your hearts’ content!

Here’s the jam track for the lesson:

Diatonic Tab:

Pentatonic Tab:

Vertical Riffs Tricks 3

In this lesson we’re going to be working in the key of E major, but soloing out of a C# minor scale. The jam track is just a “chug” on an E chord, which gives us lots of space to work with. Focus on learning the notes from the scale, because they are literally all you need to know to create sweet riffs with this style of soloing.

Here’s the jam track for the lesson:

Vertical Riffs Tricks 4

This is the second of two lessons (here’s part 1) working with the C# minor scale in the key of E major. In this one, we’re breaking from the one-string approach and extending elsewhere in the scale pattern, while still using the open B string as the drone. Keep in mind that B is the V of E, so it is a great choice for a drone in this key.

Here’s the jam track for the lesson:

Solo Tab: