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Finally - A 'Learn Guitar' Road Map!

Attention Guitar Players:
We Have A Plan To Take You To The Next Level

Hi, I’m Colin Daniel. I’ve taught guitar and bass for decades, and from all that experience I’ve noticed one thing…

Most guitar players struggle with learning the guitar in a logical, step-by-step manner.

In fact, a lot of players are busy darting around learning a riff here, a lick there, and a new chord in between. Sometimes they’ll learn something from a friend, or during a jam session. Sometimes they’ll spend hours surfing around on YouTube trying to find a lesson that teaches them what they want to learn, at their level. Most times, the things they find leave more questions than answers.

Sometimes they’ll even take lessons for a while, or have a decent repertoire of songs, but they still lack an in-depth understanding of their instrument…

Most of these people end up in my studio, frustrated after years of searching for answers, unsure if anyone can even teach them how to play the guitar or bass anymore.

The fact is, very few have an orderly ‘plan of attack’ for improving their guitar skills. They’re relying on collecting everything they need to know to play the guitar, or bass, through a random string of events.

Think about it for a moment – do you know anybody who has ever successfully mastered anything simply by relying on chance encounters?

That’s why if you really want to learn how to play guitar, or bass, you need to throw out that whole idea of chance.

Take the wheel in your own hands, find a good road map that will take you where you want to be, and start driving! How would you like to have full-time access to a large and growing library of top quality guitar lessons that you knew you could rely on to keep you moving forward on your guitar… for as long as you want to?

If you even remotely thought to yourself “yeah, that would be cool!” then please keep on reading, because it only gets better.

The 'Learn Guitar' Road Map

I’ve spent years on the road, playing in clubs and bands all over the place. I’ve also taught over 5,000 musicians one-on-one, which has allowed me to develop and refine the fastest and most efficient path to becoming a successful guitar or bass player. Although I’ve got the education to back it, my technique isn’t just book smarts. It’s backed up by years on the road and in recording studios. In short, I’m the guy that people come to after they’ve tried all their other options… and my technique is the one that sets them free.

If you’re looking for that seemingly elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – the freedom and ability to play what you want, how you want, in any situation, effortlessly… then congratulations my friend, because I’ve got a treasure map that will lead you directly there.

Just like a treasure map, there are going to be mountains and valleys to cross, but I’ll keep you on target at each step, showing you just what you need to progress to the next level.

Inside the Riff Ninja School, we’ve laid out literally dozens of hours of instructional videos all in the precise order that will benefit you most.

From total beginner “How do I hold this thing???” all the way to “I wanna shred like Stevie Ray Vaughn” I’ve got you covered.

It might take you a year to go through all the lessons inside, or it might take you three years. And by the time you got there, we’d have added more lessons anyhow.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that at each step along the way, regardless of what level you’re at, I’ll be there to help you climb the next mountain, or cross the next valley. You’ll always be moving forward, never sideways, and never backwards.

Learning how to play an instrument (of any kind) is truly an investment in yourself. There are many benefits to playing guitar, including stress relief and the pure enjoyment of entertaining or playing with friends. There’s something about expressing yourself through the guitar that no money can buy.

And do you want to know something strange? It’s proven that the better you play guitar, the more you enjoy playing.

And that’s why at the Riff Ninja School, our mission is to help you become the best guitar or bass guitar player you can be.

We take on the toughest questions, and we won’t send you away with a 5 minute “fast food” style guitar lesson! Riff Ninja Guitar & Bass School lessons are meaty, and contain enough material to keep you working on each one for several practice sessions! Our average lesson length is 27 minutes. All the lessons are organized in order from total beginner to advanced, so despite having a huge range available, you’ll also have a clear path to follow. You’ll find lessons covering:

Chord Knowledge

The right chord in the right place is a lovely thing. The more chords and options you have available, the more often you’ll be able to nail the chord that exactly fits what the song demands.

  • Beginner chords
  • Blues chords
  • Bar chords
  • Mini chords
  • Smoother chord changes
  • Suspended chords
  • Power chords
  • Chord substitutions
  • Chord embellishments
  • Chord construction
  • Capo transposing made easy
  • Chord groupings by key
  • Oddball (but very cool) chords
  • Chord modifications
  • Upper-fretboard open chords

Music Theory - Applied Practically

Music theory contains the answers to how and why music works, and how we can use the guitar to create beautiful music. Understanding theory gives you the ability to communicate on a higher level with other musicians, to learn songs more quickly, to remember music more accurately, and to write your own music with ease.

  • The complete fretboard
  • Working with keys
  • Understanding triads
  • Working with tetrachords
  • Inversions & how to apply them
  • Diatonic scales
  • Pentatonic scales
  • "Blues" scales
  • Open scales
  • Overlapping scale patterns
  • Chromatic passing notes
  • The Ultimate Solo Scale
  • Using intervals
  • Using thirds & inverted thirds
  • Following progressions with scales


Rhythm is as important to good music as melody and harmony. In the Guitar School you’ll not only learn about different types and styles of rhythm, and how they work, but you’ll also learn many different techniques to apply those rhythms to your guitar in ways that are both fun and rewarding!

  • Dynamic strumming
  • Picking techniques
  • Counting music
  • Rhythm riffs
  • Fractional breakdown of rhythms
  • Blues shuffles
  • 12 bar blues & variations
  • Turnarounds & endings
  • Boogie woogie rhythms
  • Locking into the groove
  • Famous chord progressions
  • Arpeggio picking
  • Jamming with other players
  • Hybrid picking
  • Reggae


In many ways, soloing on the guitar combines all of the lower-level foundational skills you’ve learned, and rolls them altogether into one fulfilling musical expression. The more tools and techniques you have available to express yourself on the guitar, the more expressive and engaging your solos will become.

  • Merging riffs & rhythm
  • Choosing the right scales
  • Finding the right notes
  • Vibrato
  • String stretches & bends
  • Improvising solos
  • Exercises for speed & accuracy
  • Hammer ons & pull offs
  • Palm muting
  • Hybrid picking
  • "Blues" notes
  • Drone notes
  • Triad-based rhythmic solos
  • Using octaves in solos
  • Riffs in many different styles
  • Pinch harmonics
  • Secrets to shredding
  • Phrasing your solos
  • Interval & chord based solos

Artist Spotlights

Take a deeper look at some of the tricks and techniques individual artists used to create their sound, and analyze their work to draw out things you can add to your own style. Have a favorite artist not on the list? Let us know, we’re always looking for new ideas!

  • Bob Dylan
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Bob Marley
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • BB King
  • Buddy Guy
  • John Fogerty
  • Van Morrison


There are many things on the path to learning guitar that don’t fit nicely into most guitar courses out there. The beauty of the Guitar School is it doesn’t matter what the topic is – if it is important or helpful to your development as a player, then we’re going to include it.

  • In depth buying guides for acoustic & electric guitars
  • Tips for players with weak, inflexible, small or extra-large hands
  • 12 string tips & tricks
  • Ear training
  • Pedals: wah-wah, overdrive & more
  • Understanding your guitar (hardware chat)
  • Tuning by ear
  • Slide guitar
  • Open tunings
  • Drop D tuning
  • Alternate tunings
  • Using a capo to find alternate voicings

The Right Perspective

Sometimes the best way to learn finger picking (for example) simply isn’t the classic wide-format video. You need more detail; a closer perspective. In all our video lessons we always try hard to make sure that not only is the video coming from the best perspective possible, but also the teaching. That’s why you’ll find we often have two teachers tag-teaming a topic, because the broader perspective that offers gives you, the student, the best possible chance of relating to the material, and succeeding in your progress as a player.

Here’s a small taste of what it looks like inside:

What Else Is Coming?

We’ve already got more than 85 hours of video lessons inside (spread across 220+ lessons), with more on the way! 

  • Detailed instruction for players of all levels: no stone left unturned!
  • Opportunity to suggest new lesson topics - we DO respond!
  • Opportunity to submit questions directly to our instructors. 

Being a member of the Riff Ninja School is like having your own personal guitar teacher, because we welcome all questions, and we’ll either answer you quickly in the comments, or if it is appropriate, we’ll create a whole new lesson to answer your question!

So You've Checked Out Our Free Trial...

Hopefully you’ve already had a chance to checkout our 3 day free trial, and you’re now ready to take your guitar playing to the next level with a full Riff Ninja School membership. If you’ve done that, you’ll already know what I’m talking about here!

Does This Include ALL Your Lessons?

In a word, no. The Riff Ninja School is a totally separate group of lessons from anything else we offer. For ease of use, your member account is able to access both Guitar & Bass School lessons as well as any Complete Courses you have paid for, however our Complete Courses are separate, aimed at addressing specific issues in comprehensive detail. As such, the School actually complements our other courses very nicely, as it provides a forum to touch not only on the big mainstream issues, but also on the smaller ones.

Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

If you compare this to the cost of private guitar lessons, this is a complete no-brainer, as it will not only save you hundreds of dollars per year, but will give you access to one of the most experienced guitar teachers you’re ever likely to come across.

For example, you’re typically looking at around $160 per month for private guitar lessons, for 30 minutes of teaching per week, and it goes up from there.

That means you’re saving nearly 90%, per month! …For the price of a large pizza, you can have all the guitar lessons you can make use of each month!

Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level Today!

We’ve created five easy payment options for you. Please choose the one that works best for you.

Only the 1 Month Subscription is recurring; the other Subscriptions are one-time payments, and you will not be re-billed.

If you want a black belt in guitar playing, there's no better place to get it!