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Bonus: Strumming Patterns for Triplet and Shuffle

Here’s a bonus lesson, not directly related to Mary Had a Little Lamb, but supplemental and helpful all the same. Adding some triplet and shuffle patterns to your rhythm is a great way to spice up your guitar playing and break away from more regular and even strumming patterns. It will be important to starting counting these rhythms correctly from the start.

The Riffs Part 2

Sections in this video:

  • 00:00 Riff 4
  • 02:08 Riff 5
  • 04:25 Riff 6
  • 09:49 Riff 7
  • 13:02 Riff 8

The Riffs Part 1

In this section we’ll deal with the first few riffs. Notice the subtle variations – can you think of other ways to play these?

Sections in this video:

  • 00:00 Riff 1 
  • 07:50 Riff 2
  • 18:36 Riff 3

The Chords & E Pentatonic Minor Scale

In this first section we’ll take a look at the scale we’re using for the riffs, talk about the chromatic passing notes – the so-called “blues” notes! – and also take a look at the chords and various ways of playing those. Don’t skip this part, as it is important foundation for the rest of the song!

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Sections in this video:

  • 00:00 The Chords 
  • 10:33 The Scales

BONUS: Advanced Scale Integration

Wow! You’ve made it through the course, congratulations! We wanted to give you a little bonus that could really help you take everything you’ve learned even farther. In these two bonus lessons, you’ll discover a simple way to use scale patterns you’re already familiar with to cover the entire fretboard, with just some very small little tweaks.

Before you get started on the lessons, download and print off the tabs, right here.

Song 6 – Love U.

Our last song was inspired by Buddy Guy’s Let Me Love You Baby, and it really rocks! It’s very different from our other tunes, because it relies on a rhythm-riff to establish the rhythm. We’re going to do a normal solo for it, but we’re also going to take the opportunity to work around the pockets created by the rhythm riffs. This song is pretty quick, so there are two versions of the jam track available.

Song 5 – My Blue Jeans

This tune was inspired by Blue Jean Blues – a classic ZZ Top tune. It’s got a great progression, and I think you’re going to love soloing over it!

Song 4 – Texas Joy

Texas Joy was inspired by Pride ‘n Joy, a Stevie Ray Vaughan classic. Because this tune has a pretty quick tempo, we did a slower version of the solos as well as a regular paced version. If you find yourself struggling with the regular speed one, just try working with the slower one for a while and see if that helps.

Song 3 – Thrill

Thrill is based on BB King’s The Thrill Is Gone, a great blues song that just happens to use all six diatonic chords. That makes it a pure minor diatonic progression, which opens up new opportunities for us in the solo. Let’s dig in!

Song 1 – Knockin’

Welcome to the first song! Make sure you download a copy of the Course Supplement book, as you will find it helpful to go through in tandem with the videos.

As you complete each video, click the “Mark Complete” button on the same page, and the system will track your course progress for you.

If you would prefer a spiral-bound copy of the book, those are available for sale separately (they come included with the DVD version of the course, but not the Download version). You can purchase one here.

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