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2. Root 6 Chords

Let’s dig into your first root 6 chords! While it can be challenging to master these at first, you will find they are tremendously helpful!

1. Introduction

Welcome to the first lesson! If you haven’t downloaded the course book yet, please do so right here. We believe you will find the additional perspective offered by the written material helpful.

Ch. 16 – Mixing All Your Options

This is where things start to get really fun, when you know all the options that are available to you, and you’re able to begin making musical choices based on what you want to create!

Ch. 14 – Applying Chromatic Passing Notes to A Minor, 1 Position

In this lesson, we’ll be exploring how to apply chromatic passing notes to the “A” minor scale. Chromatic passing notes are notes that are not in the scale of the chord you’re playing, but that are used to create movement and tension in your playing.

By applying chromatic passing notes to your solos, you can create more interesting and dynamic solos that will stand out. We’ll look at different patterns and techniques, like sliding and bending, that can be used to incorporate chromatic passing notes into your music.

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