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Ultimate Blues 1,2,3 Downloads [Save 50%]


Ultimate Blues 1,2,3 Downloads [Save 50%]


Complete Your Ultimate Blues Set!
Stage 1: Chords Discover how chords, keys and scales all work together. Learn more than 400 chords, without heavy-duty memorizing! Building your chord foundation is super important for going further in the blues.

Stage 2: Scales Discover how to use pentatonic blues scales all over your fretboard. Learn the theory behind which scales to use when and where. This is an incredible foundation for learning to solo!

Stage 3: Rhythms Learn multiple rhythm parts to six great blues songs. Discover all the essential blues rhythms and techniques that you need to lay down a mean blues.

Ultimate Blues: Stage 1 - Chords (Download)
Ultimate Blues: Stage 2 - Scales (Download)
Ultimate Blues: Stage 3 - Rhythms (Download)