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Learn This Great Sounding Blues Lick...

Learn This Blues Riff

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95% Of A Guitar Solo Is Riffs...

If you want to learn how to solo on your guitar, you need to know some riffs. 95% (or more!) of any guitar solo is just a string of riffs…

A riff is a musical phrase, a string of notes that creates a mini-melody, and it can be learned as a pattern on your guitar and used over and over again. The more riffs you have at your fingertips, the more varied and interesting your solos will be!

Learning Great Sounding Blues Riffs Is Easier Than You Think!

You might be surprised to learn that many of the most famous blues guitar licks aren’t actually that hard to play. In fact, even a beginner can master them with a little practice!

I’ve put together a short series of free guitar lessons to help you learn how to play cool blues riffs. The very first lesson is a complete blues lick, specially chosen for beginners, and complete with tab so you can follow along!

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