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Do You Love Rock 'n Roll?

Learn How To Combine Rhythm & Riffs Into A Single Smooth Song

When Chords & Rhythm Alone Just Aren't Enough...

Have you ever found yourself strumming away, wishing there were something more you could add to your rhythm playing to spice it up and make it more interesting?

Adding riffs in between the chords is one of the best ways to make your playing real interesting – FAST.

But a lot of players struggle with what to put where, and how… So I’ve put together a fun series of guitar lesson videos that I will send you by email, where I’ll help you start putting riffs in between your rhythms. In these short videos, you will learn:

  • Some great classic rock & roll riffs
  • Some cool rock & roll rhythms
  • How to mesh the riffs seamlessly together with the rhythms!

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