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Your Fast Track To Playing Slide Guitar

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The Easy Way To Learn Slide Guitar

Playing slide guitar is at the same time very similar to playing normal guitar, and yet very different. If you have a system down for mastering the differences, you can begin to make quick progress playing slide! However, when most people first pickup a slide and try to use it on their guitars, they run into problems getting a good sound, and there's a big reason for that, which thankfully, is very easy to fix!

I've prepared a short series of free video lessons, where you'll learn the secret to getting started quickly playing slide guitar, plus a bunch of other cool things. You'll learn:

  • The best tuning for learning to play slide. (Hint: it's not standard tuning!)
  • How to lay down a mean rhythm using a slide. 
  • The secret to throwing slide fills and licks in with your rhythm.
  • Why playing slide guitar can be even easier than normal guitar. 

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