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The Secrets of Strumming... Simplified!

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Learn From 100+ Hit Songs

You might be surprised to learn that many hit songs use the exact same chord progressions, but it is a simple fact that well over 100 top hits use the exact same chords.

So many hit songs share the same chords, and yet they are all distinctive and different...

Because the strumming makes all the difference.

If your strumming always sounds the same, then this free e-course will help you understand why, and get you moving in the right direction, adding new strum patterns to your playing. Even if you only know a handful of chords, if you can strum well, your friends will think you've played longer than you have.

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  • Learn how to "count" rhythms in music
  • Learn how to identify and break down rhythms and count them on your own
  • Specific strum patterns from famous songs
  • How to bring your strumming to life by adding bass notes

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