The Slow Blues Solo 5 Day Challenge Starts Here

Learn A Complete 12-Bar
Slow Blues Solo In 5 Easy Lessons

Do you want to see rapid progress in your guitar playing? Would you like to learn how to play a complete solo over a sweet slow blues jam track... in just 5 days

If you take this challenge seriously, and set aside an hour per day for five days (for watching the lesson and practice time), you're going to see some awesome results. 

What you'll discover along the way:

  • The single most important soloing scale for the guitar
  • The "Ultimate Solo Scale" which climbs through 8 frets
  • 12 great blues riffs you can use in other songs as well
  • Step-by-step and note-by-note instruction.
  • A sweet slow blues jam track you can download
  • Downloadable tabs for everything