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Ultimate Blues Rhythms


Comprehensive, but not a course you can finish in a few days. This one takes time to work through & digest. So far so good, I believe I am improving!!


Darren Davey

Colin's courses give you the mechanics to relate scale theory to chord progressions, if you want to know how music works and how to improve your writing and playing. And to better understand other theory put out there, well give Colin a go, he has helped me.

Darren Davey

I have taken steps to becoming a more advanced guitar player.

I feel like I have taken steps to becoming a more advanced guitar player. Really like the way Colin teaches. Have learned techniques that I can use whenever I play the guitar. Thanks for such a great program.

Randy Gantt


Hello Colin: I have been very busy moving to Las Vegas (UNLV). Currently I am practicing Rhythm & Riffs along side of Ultimate Blues courses. The reason I am doing this at this time is that the first lessons in each course is that they both cover TIMING. I am working hard on your timing lessons, as they are all important. I play along with you and apply your all of your techniques.

Your lessons are easy to follow and are clearly explained. And thanks to your teaching, I have seen marked improvement.

Continue doing what you are doing and I will follow. As I go along, I will keep you updated on my progress.

Thanks. Harold

Harold , ESL English Professor

Just Spectacular!

The Ultimate Blues course doesn't just put the Blues together, but the whole fretboard and great theory together... all while focusing on Blues application. Just spectacular like all of Colin's lessons! I always learn something new and useful. PICK UP the ULTIMATE BLUES COURSE!!

Franklin Edwards

Jonathan Cartoon

Hi Colin, I very much enjoy working through your courses. I am presently on your blues rhythm course part 7 - terrific teaching and content! Cheers, Jon

Jonathan Cartoon