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10 All-Time Classic Guitar Songs
That Will Make YOU
Sound Like A Pro Today

When you’re learning to play guitar, it’s far too easy to get lost in the technical stuff. How to play a certain chord, learning scales, all the dozens of little skills that go into playing. 

Sometimes, players even lose sight of what it’s all about:

Making music, playing songs, and having a good time with friends.  

Hi, I’m Colin Daniel, and to help guitar players really put their focus back on making music, I put together a sweet collection of 10 of the most all-time popular songs that people just LOVE to sing along with. 

I’ve taught guitar for over 45 years, and one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever discovered is using songs that people love as learning tools. The familiar music fuels rapid progress, there’s no two ways about it, and that’s why this collection will be a win not only for you, as a guitar player, but also for your friends, who are waiting for you to step up and lead them in some great songs. 

Do You Feel Like It Takes Forever To
Actually Sound 
Good On Guitar?

I’d like to let you in on a little secret. 

Guitar players often get all wrapped up in learning some cool intro riff to a song, thinking that’s what makes them sound cool.

And it does, for about 15 seconds.

But… there’s something far more powerful that will really set you apart as a guitar player to your friends and family:

Actually playing entire songs for people, from start to finish. 

The kind of songs that people know, and LOVE to join in and sing along with. 

My friend, if you can deliver that with your guitar playing, then you will truly be the star of the show, even if the show is just a campfire or a living room or a pub jam. 

And as I’ll show you, you won’t even have to sing a note. 

If You Take Requests...
They'll Be Asking For THESE Songs

I wanted to put together a collection of songs that guitar players would find really, truly useful. So I scoured the dark corners of the internet, and rummaged through decades of personal experience, and came up with ten songs that really fit the bill. Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that hard – truth be told, these songs are lying around in plain sight!

As you will see, these are not obscure songs that no one has ever heard before. They’re the stuff of Top 40 lists – the kind of songs that still get airtime decades after they first became hits. The kind of songs – like Free Fallin’ for instance – where if you just start playing those chords, everyone around you will instantly know what song you’re playing, and they’ll be itchin’ to join in and sing along. 

#1. American Pie

~ Don McLean

American Pie is listed as #5 in the Songs of the Century list, by the RIAA. High praise indeed. Fact is, this song a HUGE hit, and people all over the world now love singing the familiar lines: "Bye bye Miss American Pie, Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry..."

You'll learn a few passing note riffs that really enhance your chord changes, and help make the song sound more authentic as well. Practice these riffs, and soon you'll be using them in far more than just this one song. They're truly universal and sound great!

#2. Blowin' In The Wind

~ Bob Dylan

By the time you get to the iconic chorus lyrics: "The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind" few people, if any, will be able to resist joining in. This song just gets people going! Bob is the master storyteller/songwriter and people just love singing his songs. They'll love it even more when you're playing the guitar for them. 

In this section we'll also learn about transposing, and give you a couple different options for keys to play in, including the original key that Bob Dylan used in his performances. 

#3. Margaritaville

~ Jimmy Buffett

Go to a Jimmy Buffett concert, and even if there's forty thousand people there, you'll find they're ALL singing along with Margaritaville. Talk about a classic! 

You'll learn a great muted-stroke strum, plus we'll throw in a little "bling" in the form of a bass run connector at the end of the verse. These are exactly the sort of extra touches that will help your version of the song stand out and sound extra special. 

I threw an extra bonus in on this song, and converted the intro riff - which is normally done on a keyboard - into a guitar part. Play this little riff (two options are included: an easier and a harder version) and people will instantly know you're about to launch into Margaritaville!

#4. Stir It Up

~ Bob Marley

Nothing says "laid back" like strumming a Bob Marley tune by the campfire. Get ready for some seriously chill strumming! 

In this song, we'll combine bar chords with open chords, as well as really useful muted stroke strum that is super popular in reggae music. We'll also talk about how to create good dynamics in your song, and even look at a scale and how you can jam out a bit too! 

#5. Country Roads

~ John Denver

John Denver's platinum hit song is always a favorite with audiences, and millions recognize the iconic chorus. 

In this song you'll discover a bass note strum that can be used in many different songs. We'll cover the original key, as well as an easier way of playing it if you don't want to deal with the original chords. 

#6. Sweet Caroline

~ Neil Diamond

If you've ever seen Neil Diamond performing his platinum hit for crowds of 40,000 or 50,000, then you've most likely seen that same number of people shouting out the chorus as well. What else can I say? This song is popular!

Sweet Caroline is all about dynamics. We'll use all open chords, but you'll also learn how to play it in the original key, using a capo. This is a far easier approach than playing in F# major... one of the hardest keys for a guitar player, because it's all bar chords! 

#7. Stand By Me

~ Ben E. King

Stand By Me is one of those absolutely massive songs - there are over 400 different recorded versions, by many, many different artists! The song uses a classic 50's style chord progression, and although it was written in "A", you'll also learn an easier way to play the song using "G". 

One of the most iconic parts about this song is the bass line, so of course we'll learn how to integrate that bass line walk-up into your playing! 

#8. Mrs. Robinson

~ Simon & Garfunkel

"And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson..." The iconic chorus to this song is known and loved and sung by millions worldwide.  

We'll learn a very cool intro riff that will really set the stage for the rest of the song. When other people hear you playing that riff, they're definitely going to want to start singing along. 

#9. Hey Jude

~ The Beatles

How could we create a collection like this, without a Beatles tune included? Hey Jude is one of the most-requested singalong tunes out there, so as a guitar player, you'll do well to add it to your collection. 

This song was originally written in the key of "F" major, which happens to be a hard one for beginner guitar players to play in. Because of this, I chose to approach it using a capo and easier chords. Don't worry though, you'll still sound great, and have the added bonus of being able to now play it in ANY key, instead of just one. But don't worry, we'll also cover it in the original key just for good measure. 

#10. Free Fallin'

~ Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Free Fallin' is one of those songs that is instantly recognizable, simply by playing a few easy guitar chords. Who says a great song has to have tons of chords? Learn a super-useful muted stroke strum as well as a cool way to approach the instrumental break. 

We'll actually cover two different guitar parts in this song, so if you have a jam buddy to play along with you, you can combine these two parts and they'll really rock! 

Pro Tip: When you're playing this song, throw in a few extra choruses at the end, because folks just LOVE belting out that tune! 

Will YOU Be That Guitar Player Everyone
Is Cheering On?

Years ago I found myself in a little restaurant in Oregon with a few friends. While we were waiting for the food to come, I noticed there was a guitar hanging on the wall. I figured it could be put to better use than simply being part of the furniture, and started strumming a few chords. 

A moment later, some guy says “Hey, do you know Blowin’ in the Wind?” 

“Sure!” I replied. “I’ll play – you sing!”

Within minutes, the entire restaurant was singing along and everyone was having a good time. I know that for most of those people, that moment was probably the bright spot in their day. It was an experience I’ll never forget, and it truly shows how infectious a good song can be. 

All ten of the songs in this collection are at that same level – hugely popular tunes that a lot of people know the lyrics for, simply because they’ve listened to those songs for years and years.

You don’t have to be a pro guitar player to look like one to your friends – you just have to be able to pull off a few songs like these – with simple chords and easy strumming patterns – and you’ll be the star of the show. 

Is This For Electric Or Acoustic?

It’s important to note that ALL of these songs can be equally well played on both the acoustic or electric guitars. Throughout the course, I go back and forth, teaching some songs on an electric guitar, and others on an acoustic guitar. At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal preference. 

Do I Need To Read Music?

There is no standard notation in this course. I do use a little bit of guitar tablature for some of the riffs, but mostly, we’re just using good old chord charts. It would be helpful to understand a bit about how rhythm works though – but don’t worry if you don’t already, everything will be explained in the course. 

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