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Learning The Fretboard with the Perfect Harmony Box (Board)

Here’s a lesson on how to use the perfect harmony box to understand your fretboard better. The “perfect” intervals are the octave, the fifth, and the fourth… and they are perfect because they are neutral in both major and minor. This lesson follows the previous one, where we cover the same concepts but on the guitar.

Tones and Semi Tones

If you aspire to be a bass player at any level, knowing your tones and semitones – i.e. the spaces between the notes – is an absolute must. But don’t think you have to learn them everywhere along the fretboard – once you have worked them out on one string or in one position, you can then apply the same formula anywhere up or down the neck.

Bass Guitar For The Total Beginner

This bass lesson was created with the total beginner in mind, so if you’re just picking up the bass guitar for the first time, this is the place to start!

Some topics covered are:

  • Tones and Semitones
  • Difference between 4 string and 5 string basses
  • Root notes
  • Basic fretboard knowledge

Remember, if you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments area below.