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Another Cool Blues Riff

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cossy cossy Reply


William Durham Reply

Great lesson, by a great instructor

Glo Holmes-Peters Reply

Wow…melancholy baby, This fits my slow blues in E endlessly. thanks for all the pieces you guys share.

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Ron Towle Reply

Very nice Colin,I have been using a similar one for a while-yours is a little more sophisticated & hitting the low E is a nice touch— Thanx

    Jonathan Boettcher Reply

    Good stuff Ron – there are dozens (or hundreds?) of ways to play these things, so take the general idea and run with it!

Lolo Sauceda Reply

Hey great lesson, easy to follow, thank you

Allan Fowler Reply

Cool riff that even a beginner like me understands and can use.

Doug St-Amour Reply

Excellent little riff . Thanks

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