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Blues Rhythms & Riffs – Inspired by Killing Floor

Checkout this fun electric blues riff inspired by Howling Wolf (from Killing Floor). It comes out of the A pentatonic major scale. First we'll look briefly at the scale the riff comes from, then we'll learn the riff along with some variations, then we'll start using it as a rhythm riff, and begin playing around with some call and answer!

Here is the tab for the basic version of the rhythm riff, at 5:22 on the video. Keep in mind that this just shows the A position; you will have to move this around to the D position and the E position as well. However, once you connect with the pattern it is very easy to move.

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Samuel J Hamilton Reply

Thank you Colin for this challenge; I’m old and slow(76) but I love it and will work hard at it. Will be n touch down the road!

R Drake Covey Reply

Would love to see the first two lessons

    Jonathan Boettcher Reply

    Hello, the links to the first two are in the sidebar on the right of this page…

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