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Ch. 3 – The Most Important Solo Scale

Welcome to Chapter 3 of our guitar lessons! In this lesson, we’ll be discussing the most important solo scale that every guitar player should know, the minor pentatonic scale.

The minor pentatonic scale is used in countless songs across various genres of music, from blues to rock to metal. It’s a five-note scale that’s easy to learn and remember, making it an ideal starting point for beginner guitarists.

We’ll begin by discussing the basics of the scale, including its formula and how it’s constructed. We’ll also go over the position of the scale on the guitar fretboard and the fingering patterns you’ll need to play it.

Next, we’ll focus on the practical application of the scale in your playing. We’ll discuss how to incorporate the scale into your solos and melodies, and how to use it to create interesting and dynamic phrases.

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Melvin Schofield Reply

George Harrison’s solo on the single version of Let It Be seems to be a good example of the use of this scale.

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