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Ultimate Blues Solos

I have taken steps to becoming a more advanced guitar player.

I feel like I have taken steps to becoming a more advanced guitar player. Really like the way Colin teaches. Have learned techniques that I can use whenever I play the guitar. Thanks for such a great program.

Randy Gantt

Just Spectacular!

The Ultimate Blues course doesn't just put the Blues together, but the whole fretboard and great theory together... all while focusing on Blues application. Just spectacular like all of Colin's lessons! I always learn something new and useful. PICK UP the ULTIMATE BLUES COURSE!!

Franklin Edwards

I am impressed!

Hi Colin, I am really enjoying the Blues course. I am on the Ultimate Blues Stage 4, but have skipped Ultimate Blues Stage 3 which I think might help with my timing. I am impressed that I have gotten a better understanding of my guitar with your courses that I have purchased, and my understanding of chord patterns and relationships to other chords was made easy by your instruction.

As an old duffer the fingers don’t move so quick, but I am putting in about 2 hours a day.

Garry Wieler

Great Confidence Knowing Where To Play

They have shown me different positions to play pentatonic scales etc. This is one of the main features of the course but there are lots more, for instance, a great deal of confidence knowing where to play on the fretboard. Brilliant course, as I knew it would be. Well done.

Les Hill

Rock on!

I just want to say how helpful your courses have been to me. I wish I had these years ago, but it's never too late. Rock on!

Seann Haver