Combining Quarters And Eighths In Strumming

Combining Quarters And Eighths In Strumming

Today's lesson is all about how to combine a quarter note strum with an eighth note strum to make things more interesting. If you missed the first lesson where I explained quarters and eighths, you can find it here.

In this lesson we're going to use the chord progression G, D, Am, G, D, C. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below the video!

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Jim Newland Reply

I get alot out of your lessons keep up the great work.  thanks  jim

Gmbooth29 Reply

Keep Knockin’ on Heavens Door …. Love it! Great lesson!!!!

Jpkapaya Reply

Thanks to you man. Loved this so much. Keep teaching me.
 I’ll keep learning and practising.

Michael Mcdermott Reply

Excellent video! Thanks for sharing.

Predrag Nikolic Reply

It's help for my practice basic Strumming Pattern every day.Thanks

ron sprague Reply

whenever you have pdf files on disks also will make a purchase for computer will not handle it .as I am over 80 years old an see no reason to purchas a new computer.your videos look great.

    Jonathan Boettcher Reply

    Hi Ron, our courses are available in download-only versions, where the course comes on PDF, however they are also available as DVD sets, which come with printed spiral-bound books.

Ian Collett Reply

it has made my strumming a lot diffrent and better

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