Understanding Quarters and Eighths

Understanding Quarters and Eighths

Understanding quarters and eighths is foundational to understanding rhythm, and of course rhythm is foundational to understanding strumming! That's why we're starting here. If you have any questions about the lesson, let me know in the comments below!

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Kenneth Young Reply

Great lesson…I know of this but not nearly as clearly as I should so seeing this not only teaches but reminds me of the importance of tempo and rhythm.

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    wendling lindsey Reply

    I really needed this lesson. Thanks !!!

Wayne007 Reply

I trully enjoyed your video and it really helped me spice up my strumming with these simple progressions.Thanks.

jjames60 Reply

This is awesome. What a fantastic explanation to bring this to light. I have never understood this before at all.
Thank you very much Riff. This really helps.

Jlv807 Reply

This video would be better if it didnt skip so much.

Petrockted Reply

Thanks for the lesson. It was very helpful.

Nikyanjum Reply

can you also please write it down cause  I can’t see any vdo here. might b some prob for the region

Loring Young Reply

I could not get the video to play. 
Site very poor—hope your DVDs are better. Jake

Loring Young Reply

I could not get the video to play. 
Site very poor—hope your DVDs are better. Jake

westie Reply

video doesnt display , disappointing

Jim Newland Reply

great lesson you explained it very well. now I can take my mosic to the next level.  thanks riff


Very well explained and demonstrated. Not sure why others had difficulty  viewing the video it was fine on my computer,

Bernard Cochrane Reply

Quarters and Eightths, very well explained, learnt a lot. Many thanks for posting. Bernie

Verna Reply

very helpful
thank you

Ann Reply

Access denied on network. Too bad!

    Jonathan Boettcher Reply

    Hi Ann, can you please explain what you meant by that? I’m not sure where you might be seeing that message.

Joe Reply

This was exactly what I needed, Been learning guitar, but can’t strum for nothing just couldn’t get any rhythm going. Thanks for the great lesson

Barb Reply

Thanks, more to think about…. I can’t wait till something I strum sounds like music, lol I’m 65 and struggling, lol

Simon Reply

i bought a guitar last year August but upto now i don’t know how to play it. I wanna know how to strum it so much

Douglas.allen120@gmail.com chi Reply

I like this lesson. The thing that helps me on strumming is using a metronome,a good tool to use

Ian Walker Reply

3 minutes of drivel before you begin to explain the nuts and bolts. Not an auspicious start.

James Hendrix Reply

Thanks, good start for beginners

Jim Horn Reply

Ole Ian need to take a deep breath. I thougt this was a good beginner lesson. I'll sign up for more.

Jamie Reply

Very informative indeed and makes sense for timing thanks

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