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Slide Riffs Following the Chord

In this short lesson, I'll teach you how to throw a simple slide riff in after you've played the chord. Keep in mind, my guitar is tuned to Open E Major, so if you want to play along, make sure you're tuned to E B E G# B E.

As far as the riffs go, slide is a pretty fluid way of playing the guitar; don't get hung up on doing things exactly as I've done. Most of all, let your ear be the final judge. If it sounds good, then you're on the right track.

Leave me a comment down below and let me know what you thought of the lesson!

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really enjoyed the lesson keep up great work also enjoying members area picking up lot thing didn t understand before

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Just wanted to add even though haveĀ  disabilitie never stop trying one off
best medicine for mind is music and learning how play music want wish u all luck
don t give up on your quest

Bob Reply

How did you get that tone

Risbert Reply

Very good lesson. Great teaching

StB Reply

Just FYI, the four notes first used are E, D, B, and A, not E, D, A, and G.

Randall Hurd Reply

Smoken hot on that one. I just picked it up again for the 3rd time in life and this time it looks good. Looking at stuff like this makes it easy to justify all my Git’Mo’s hanging on the wall, not to mention hard explanation to the Wife and they all new to me within 6 months, But Muscle memory is better and easier to play these days. I even think there’s a song in here some where. Anyways thanks for the info and I enjoy good Ideas like these on the Vid, Have a great day,,, Top of the Day to ya,,, as Pappy would say,,,, LOLĀ 

Willy Reply

Can`t wait for dvd on this

Mike Rangihika Reply

This is new for me so looking forward to more to add to my “arsenal”

Jeff Chapman Reply

Outstanding lesson. You make it easy to play. Thank you.

Karl Constantino Reply

Do I have to worry about neck with E tuning

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