Improvising Step 2: The Progression |

Step 2: Working With A Progression

The first thing to learn before you start improvising is your scale (which we learned in the first video). In this example, the A minor pentatonic scale is used, as well as the 3 position climb.

In this lesson, we'll discuss the chord progression we'll be using to solo over, because the progression provides the context for your solo. The progression is in C major, and goes like this: C - G - Am.

Then, with Ryley playing the rhythm, we'll begin to experiment using the scales from part 1 over top of that progression, in no particular order. The pentatonic scale that we're using will not lead you astray; some notes may sound better in certain places than others, but you will not have any that sound BAD. That makes it the perfect scale to begin improvising with.

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John Reply

Hey Colin
This is so great..I love the simple chord progression. The scale was a perfect fit. My favorite feature is making melodies..I’m tired of noodling around,though in itself it does serve a purpose. This lesson taught me how to work a small riff or two..making more sense out of it all
Best of success!

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