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The Shuffle Chug

This is the second in a five part series where we'll learn a rhythm and riff inspired by Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters. This was designed for straight-up beginners, so we'll try to move slowly! In this lesson, we're looking at using a power chord and a shuffle rhythm to produce that great chugging sound used so often in the blues.

In case you missed it, here's part 1.

Got the blues for playin' the blues? 

Check this out!‚Äč

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Gary Gribbell Reply

Part 1 is not available, either by using link in 2nd lesson or in orig e mail.

Part 1 had 4 6 notes but you play 4 today from 1st lesson

Lesson 2 is not clear, what’s wrong with saying 3rd string 3td fret, open 4th etc. video does not show stings/fingers clearly

    Jonathan Boettcher Reply

    Hi Gary, I’ve tested the link in the post above in a couple different browsers, and it is working. Perhaps try clearing your browser history and cookies and see if that helps?

    Regarding the video – I’m sorry it’s not clear, the part we’re adding today is the A power chord. At 1:44 Colin explains the fingering for that – first finger on 2nd fret, 4th string, and we’re playing the open 5th string and the 4th string.

      Gary Gribbell Reply

      Removing the cookies work fine. Now that you explained the fingering, I understand. I didn’t realize you were going so slowly, and I thought I was missing something. So it was there, I was trying to make it complicated.

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