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Under The Boardwalk: Bass Line Riff

In this lesson we're going to look at the bass line riff for Under The Boardwalk, by the Drifters. (In case you missed the first lesson, you might want to check that one out first). You can use this for a cool intro if you want, or extend it further and use it for a whole verse too. The riffs are below - note that they are not arranged how you would play them in the song, but rather, show the riff for each chord change. You can put them into the arrangement yourself, quite easily.

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Charles Preston Reply

Enjoyed this lesson. I purchased the new srummings songs video and have covered the first 2 numbers. Wish I had this forlast summer when I was asked to play Hey Jude by a beautiful blonde. Ijust didn`t knowit. She will have to wait for next summer
A suggestion for a future package, Sloop John B Beach Boys version upbeat,Nowhere Man Beatles, hits home for alot of people. AND finally it would be great for my learning process if you could sing some parts of the songs. Keep up the great work

    Jonathan Boettcher Reply

    Hi Charles, as soon as we start singing, we run into potential copyright issues, which is why we decided to go that way. I hear ya loud and clear though. Thanks for the suggestions, we’re already considering the possibility of Volume 2.

Lynne Reply

Loving this Colin…..But…..you changed up the rhythm when you demonstrate playing the 2 bars of the G riff. It sound ok but certainly is not payed the way you first explained it.

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