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Your First Three Chords

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clever Reply

Is your guitar a short scale? You have a winner.

Randy Woolvett Reply

Your videos are the best..the slow motion technique really helped. Thanks Colin

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Grizzlee Reply

Only open to Americans?

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Are you referring to the contest? If so, no, that is open to anyone.



priscilla Reply

this helps me greatly since it shows what string to hold and what number of fret it is.thanks

rophe Reply

Nice video can’t get past the first 29 seconds of the video????

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Try refreshing the page…

Elsie Ballogan Dogwe Reply

congratulations i learned 3 cords today

Paul Reply

WTG Colin… talking about your right hand and looking at your left … lol

Paul Reply

Honestly though, I love your videos, they’ve helped me alot. Thanks !!

Kwadwo Arhin Reply

Splendid……… thanks.

ayisha hubbi Reply

why the video is not playing?

Uttam Bhusal Reply

thanks I learned 3 cords.

Porchelvan Jayaraman Reply

That was helpful.. Thanks a lot

Predrag Nikolic Reply

Thanks, I'm hepy tuday and go to excersis.

zac Reply

Thanks, will practice.

Pranav Tiwari Reply

very descriptive , relly loved it

Goldy Hadziefendic Reply

Thanks for your help, from my heart !! Goldy with love .

Normand Cowell Reply

i nead bar chord lessons i like your styl of teaching

Tony Reply

Cool I am having a good time learning.

Itwi Simushi Reply

I think my guitar is off set…how do I set or time my guitar

Fernando Hernandez Flores Reply

I´m going to take my first lessons today. I hope it really works.

Aljon Borabo Reply

Thank you sir! your video has helped me out!

ezekiel Reply

great to b hear

arnold Reply

i already know major chords some barre chords what i request is to how to use them

arnold Reply

i want to understand how these chords are used i have learn them but i can not play anything senseble

Aaron Reply

Trying my best to learn everything i can!

Julia Reply

It doesn’t want to play because I have school computer, I think that, since you are getting such great comments, that I will talk to a teacher and ask the school if they can unblock these. But for that I will need to know if there is anything inappropriate in this, or any video’s you make. I don’t get to have guitar class, and I really want to learn but, again, this is a school computer and it won’t let me watch the video. Have a good day/night! C:

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Hi Julia, I don’t believe we have anything that would be considered inappropriate in any of our videos. Cheers, Jonathan

jenny Reply

It was nice start for me I try to used thats chords.

jenny Reply

Hope I can learn more .

Rose Marie Reply

Its been so long since I took guitar lessons I hope Im not too old. I know its gonna take a lot of time . Im 57. but I really want to learn again. patience I guess.

David Taiwo Hephzibah Reply

It really help thanks so much but I need more lesson how can I access that here

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Hi David, you can find the larger lesson here:

Ezra kanyembo Reply

It will be a great pressure to learn more about da guitar

Charles Reply

thankyou so much enjoyed the first 3 cords love to get more lessons to help me play on while after work .please send mi the second lessons . i try to play each lessons a day if possible. thanks again and will keep in touch.

Kennethia Vanessa de Waldt Reply

Hi this is awesome, but i'm struggling with the strumming a bit, any videos on that?

Amadu Sheik Bangura Reply

I want to access the video teaching proggramme. Please Help

Makeni City,
Sierra Leone,
West Africa

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Hello Amadu, you can find all the details on the course here:

Gabriele Reply

I would like to ask if a guitar (acoustic)is very old (more than 6 years was laid in the corner and no one played with it) could it be too old to play with, or maybe I need new strings (or even a new guitar)? Because it sounds not like it should (I tuned the strings, but it still has got a bad sound). what the problem could be and what should I do?

Gabriele Reply

Hello again 🙂
wanted to ask about fingers. I had never played a guitar before and after trying few chords my fingers seems to be too soft – they start to hurt. is it any way to avoid that? I want to practice more, but my finger hurts. does my fingers later will become not so soft and the pain will be gone? 🙂

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Old guitars are no problem at all – I have one that is 40 years old and plays and sounds great. The real problem is the strings are going to be totally dead after that time, so they need replacing, but that’s only a $5 problem. I would replace the strings and go from there.

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Unfortunately there is no way to avoid the initial discomfort… if your fingers are soft right now, they will toughen up through practice. I would say don’t let a little discomfort stop you from practicing, however if it gets to pain, then you should stop for a bit and try the next day again.

Gabriele Reply

Thank you a lot! 🙂
It’s good to know the problem so thank you very much.

Gabriele Reply

Great to know that in future my fingers will be all fine for a guitar. Thank you again ! 🙂

henri Reply

I need more lessons how can i access it here.i mean am just a new beginner.

essam Reply

great realy and so smooth easy to learn thanks lot

Terry A. Smith Reply

You can say that again!!

Qurat-ul-ain Reply

if somebody has small fingers,can that person still be able to play it!!!

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Yes – part of the issue is making sure that you have a guitar that is well-suited to your body size. You may need to search for a smaller guitar, but there are good ones available.

james Reply

hey, really loved the vid, but no matter what i try, my fingers always end up touching other strings, what do i do?

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Well, one possibility is that your fingers may be a little large for the neck of the guitar you’re using. Practice certainly helps, and with practice, it’s possible to play on smaller guitars, but sometimes for learning it can be a factor.

lewis harle Reply

iam 73 fingers kjnd of stiff haveing trouble hitting right strings

Lewis Harle Reply

short stubby fingershard to reach strings any ideas

Lewis Harle Reply

would a eletric be any better

Tina Davis Nagel Reply

The tips of my fingers get really sore. Any tricks to help that?

Raymond Fancher Reply

that was great for a begginer who did not know anything thank you

Andrew Reply

Hi my Is Andrew and I would like to know if you have lessons on soloing and lead guitar thank you andrew

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Hi Andrew, I’d recommend checking out our Guitar Improvising Secrets course, I think you’ll find it helpful. We’ll be releasing a second edition pretty shortly here; stay tuned!

Robert Reply

Love how you teach. Was going to buy your lessons , but in Canada and with money exchange wow …. that would be a lots off money for me right now.
Anyway good work and good teaching . By the way I like that high def. video.

Harold Weber Reply

Terry A. Smith Wow those are huge lol

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Hi Robert, if you contact us directly through support, we might be able to do something to help you out with the exchange issue.

Kyla Reply

I’m trying to learn how to play electric guitar hopefully good enough to start a mini garage band with my friends

James Graham Reply

I brook the 1st string, so have to get a new one before I can do any thing.

Caitlyn Cash Reply

Well, I have a Folk Guitar by Fender with 6 strings, I do not have long fingers, but I exercise my fingers before starting so I do not have an issue. But if you have short and stubby fingers, purchase a smaller guitar so you can make sure you don't have an issue. Although this comment is…. 2 months — almost 3 months old, so I don't know if you have found another way.

cosmas Reply

I have read all the notes I can’t wait to get on with the lessons

odongo edward Reply

if i had started earlier i would be far but still i am going to be the best

titi bless Reply

this is great bt av aproblem with strumming some videos pliz

Nkurunziza dany Reply

I’m very great and I have courage to be a good musician using guitar

waret chastain Reply

I am 73 years old, and just want to learn new things. I did practice the three chords. I will be practicing more, until I get how to do it without looking the guitar strings. Thank you, it was a big help.

Phyllis Rzeszotko Reply

Will start as soon as I can, thanks, phyllis

pheak nan Reply

I like your video that say about teaching guitar in beginner

Emmanuel Brian Edos Reply

Thank you so much for signing me up, am very sure of learning a lot from you.

Esther Bosibori Reply

Thank you so much,but still i dont know how to get along with the chords above please need a little view on the same,thanks in advance

Margie Hunter Reply

Can u still give me free lessons, im a lefty?

sunjoy Reply

thanks man

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Yes, you just need to view everything as being a mirror-image.

Lauren Stafford Reply

could have shown a guitar neck for better instrutions

aliw Reply


Alan Gentry Reply

Thanks can you send a taste of immediate guitar

Angie Davis Reply

Just wondering if you teach strumming on your DVDS

Jonathan Boettcher Reply

Hi Angie, yes, we cover a lot of strumming. It depends on the DVD in question though. Of course, there is Essentials of Strumming & Rhythm which is all about strumming. The Acoustic Beginner course also has a lot of strumming content, and the Easy Strumming Songs collection does too.

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