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Blues Rhythms: Blue Jean Blues

Blue Jean Blues is one of the coolest slow blues progressions you're going to find. Especially when you throw in the riffs and bass lines you'll learn today to help push each chord change to the next one.

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Neil Snow Reply

Great lesson Colin. I can see where you could take this a lot of placeces. It is a very cool riff.

Neil Snow Reply

Great riff. I can see taking this riff a lot of places, especially adding a nice fill.

Geoff Clegg Reply

Great but would be perfect with the TAB!

Thomas C Benton Sr Reply

Love it !!!

Harley Mauricio Reply

Great presentation Colin…Thanks for this awesome 10 bar blues lesson…You are the man! Bluesman that is.

Marty Dawson Reply

Great lesson, Collin. It was very informative.

Stephen Bowyer Reply

Liked that tune!

Jon Harper Reply

Thank you will be in touch to get your lessons a very old person

John Mollitor Reply

Nice, Collin, Thank you!

John Mollitor Reply

Nice, Collin, Thank you!

Bob Schultz Reply

Everything I need to know to do this and nothing I don't. Thanks for keeping it simple and direct with good photography so the chords and individual notes are obvious. I want to spend my time learning how to play the song and not how to interpret the video. TAB would help be be untied to my computer while I am learning this.

Raul Zapata Reply

I like the lesson but I prefer to have the TAB also.
Thanks Colin.

blaine meewes Reply

Great lesson. Tab would be good for the licks

Jay Huminsky Reply

Sweet tune Collin

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