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Blues Rhythms: Using Triads to Create Riffs

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Rob Raleigh Reply

Cool riff. Very frustrating that he doesn't actually show it till around minute 7 of a 9 minute video. How about showing the riff at the very beginning, then the rest of the lesson?

Bill Bellinzoni Reply

Thanks Collin. I've been working on some CCR songs. Thanks

Bigpoppa Reply

Great lesson….how did you get your amp to sound like that??? Thanks

Ken Weedon Reply

Cool riff. Love this one since way back when. Thanks heaps Colin

Anthony Santos Reply

Takes me back to a time when rock and roll had soul. Our garage band played a variety of CCR and the crowd loved it. Although it was simple to play it was definitely a crowd pleaser. CCR was to me a very inspirational to me in learning how to play guitar and I wish they were still together today. Long live CCR…

Len Reply

Neat Riff !! CCR was/is one of my favorites. The distinct guitar style of John Fogerty cuts through everything. I will be practicing from watching your video. Thanks Colin !!

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