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Blues Rhythms: A Cool Rhythm Riff

Rhythm isn't only about playing chords, in fact, it is very common to use rhythm riffs as the background rhythm section for songs too! In this lesson, we'll look at how you can use the pentatonic minor scale to play a fun rhythm riff in the context of a 12 bar blues.

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rrakin Reply

I like it. keep it coming.

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john yates Reply

Thanks Colin, that’s a blast to play and really easy.

Thadei Ngatunga Reply

You have inspired to love the guiter more

lee Reply

really liked it……more…..thank u

Mike Reply

im a bass player at heart trying to learn more rhythm and blues. Sounds like a good jam. Could you go into a little Rythmn for 24 bars then a small riff down on 1 & 2? I think I’d like to jam with this. Thanks again

Richard Palmer Reply

Great! What a cool idea!

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james rickard benallack Reply

Cheers Colin
Great lesson like all your lessons will be purchasing for sure

John Luchsinger Reply

Rhythm is inherient in our bodies, we all breath right? To learn how to use the rhythm chords and play off of them has always been my best trait. Looking forward to new ideas! Johnne

    Jonathan Boettcher Reply

    You got it John – in fact, most of the great rhythms are somehow fractioned off the human heart beat.

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