Slow Blues Guitar Solo Challenge 1/5 - Riff Ninja Academy

Slow Blues Guitar Solo Challenge 1/5

Welcome to Day 1 of our 5 Day Challenge! Today we're going to look at two different scale patterns that will not only lay the foundation for the solo we learn this week, but also for all the solos you'll play afterwards on different songs. The scale is SO important! Don't forget to grab a copy of the jam track and tab below. 

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Rich Reply

Thank you for sharing this with us. Great job. Looking forward to the rest of the lessons.

Ike Newcomer Reply

Awesome just what I been looking for with being on a limited income thanks

    Thomas Pinkall Reply

    Thank you Colin
    Always so generous, great staff.

Charles Poole Reply

Bless you brothers I have only three fingers and my scale playing is righteous but this first lesson helped me to understand my blues boxes along with my scales so keep me rocking brothers and thank you so so much oh by the way I do my playing on a fender acoustic Peace

William Reply


You make it look so easy and it sounds so good! Can’t wait to get into my fingers. You explain this stuff so well.


Garry Reply

Thank you for this Colin. I have pretty well just started the course Ultimate Blues Level 2, still going back to Ultimate Blues Level 1 for information contained in there. I am amazed taking this course how much I did know that I thought I didn’t know, but also how much I need to learn. I was not keen on taking a lot of theory, but having delved in this far I am understanding what I am learning, not just placing my fingers. You make the theory understandable which is something I had a problem with other courses.

    Jonathan Boettcher Reply

    Awesome! That’s music to our ears! 🙂

Jack Flash Reply

Being poor I have not been able to get much info from you but I like this …

    Jonathan Boettcher Reply

    Stay tuned – we’re doing the complete solo, right here!

gary Reply

Thanks so much for the lesson. Enjoyed it..

PNS Reply

this is what we want to see and learn …thank you Colin

Ike Newcomer Reply

Totally awesome thank you

william f jordan Reply


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