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Slow Blues Guitar Solo Challenge 5/5

This is it! The last lesson in our 5 day challenge! Congrats for making it this far, today we're going to wrap it all up and complete the solo. 

If you enjoyed learning this solo, I can help you take your soloing so much further, using this exact same process, in my Ultimate Blues Solos course. This challenge is actually the perfect primer course to lead into the larger one. 

Click here for Ultimate Blues Solos 

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Timothy Yslas Reply

I have had a great time with this. I don’t know how good I sound but its fun.

Lynne Reply

A legal warning pops up when I press the download icon for the backing track. How can I download the backing track to an iPad?

    Jonathan Boettcher Reply

    Hi Lynne, there are no legal restrictions on this jam track. We created it and own full rights to it. Anything you’re seeing must be from a third-party app, which we’re not able to control. I recommend looking for a different app with which to download things.

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Jim Reply

Thanks Colin for the series of the 5 lessons in the challenge. Your slow and dedicated teaching style (as usual) gives students a respectful and dedicated approach, especially for new guitar students. After 50+ years of playing, even an “ol’ timer like me” finds it a great review and gives new motivation to keep learning. May I ask one question – what it the Les Paul model of your Gibson you are using in the lessons? What is the word/name on the head stock cover plate for the tension rod [starts with the letter D?] Thanks. Jim Evans

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