Slow Blues Guitar Solo Challenge 4/5 - Riff Ninja Academy

Slow Blues Guitar Solo Challenge 4/5

Alright, you're nearly there! We're learning more riffs again today, and taking this solo a few bars further. If you need to review any of the previous lessons, the links are here:

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

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Joe Reply

Great stuff

Tom Reply

Excellent progression building the solo, and incorporation of cool techniques and even some theory weaseled in there, too, Colin. Nice explanation of call and response and using repetition, and following the chord tones. I just finished #3 here, and on to the finale. It’s very helpful that you provide practice guidance. And your delivery is entertaining as usual.

Also this was a great idea to promote your Ultimate Blues 4-Soloing. It worked; I bought it.

    Jonathan Boettcher Reply

    Great to hear Tom!

Kevin O'Sullivan Reply

Colin – I’ve got to thank you so much for your patience and teaching skills – and your generosity. I have learnt more over the past few lessons than I have in years of practicing and buying ‘course packages’ from other sites.
So you’re on my list for my best purchase ever.
Thank you Colin

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